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By Rod Pigott Christine Power

How do you retain music of uncomplicated info at the proteins you're employed with? the place do you discover info in their physicochemical houses, amino acid sequences, gene association? Are you bored with scanning evaluate articles, basic papers and databases to find that elusive fact?The new educational Press FactsBook sequence will fulfill scientists and scientific researchers struggling with info overload. each one quantity offers a list of the basic houses of households of molecules. Gene association, amino acid sequences, physiochemical homes, and organic task are provided utilizing a typical, effortless to stick with structure. Taken jointly they collect every little thing you desired to find out about proteins yet have been too busy to seem for. presents info on * replacement nomenclature,* tissue distribution and legislation of expression,* ligands,* gene association and chromosomal location,* protein constitution and molecular weights,* amino acid series of the main generally studied organisms,* PIR, SWISSPROT, and EMBL/GenBank accession numbers,* organic function,* key references

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