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By C. H. de Goeje

This description of the Arawak language, as soon as spoken largely around the Caribbean zone yet now limited to a few of the local peoples of Guyana, French Guiana and Suriname, used to be first released in 1928. C. H. de Goeje was once a Dutch submariner whose paintings had taken him to the then Dutch colony of Suriname; on his resignation from the Dutch army he persevered to enquire its peoples and their languages, and was once the recipient of a distinct Chair in languages and cultural anthropology on the college of Leiden. The e-book presents lengthy vocabulary lists and a scientific exploration of grammar and phonetics; it additionally discusses the foundation of the language and its differentiation from the opposite Carib languages of the area. An appendix supplies anthropological info, together with transcriptions and translations of Arawak myths.

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Iarowia atua, S. avuwa G. oroa, oifrouJa 120 e) 1) 139 c) G. Orlowama aroadi', S. atoada arohai, S. havuwai 113, 184 {[, S 114 fc) 114 a), 164 c) a-sa, S. a-ssa (i)sa, S. ssa 114 a) 6) II) fca-sa 104 cA) 2) G. ) 117 g) 39 isadi-, S. iiussadii- to heal, to save, to restore, tc garnish sabu, S. sabu to be "very" sapakana a long wooden sword sapatu, S. ssappatu shoe a-safodito trample, to tread S. usseika-hii pleasure isaigatito please isaili! friend ! saka to wither, to be withered saka bag, scrip a-sakada ...

A-usu-sia -s/a 118 a) 10) a-sia onnaki- ... (i)isia siba isiba G. ) small lobster right side smooth fruitful seasons (*) our-plantation) a cassava grater hat servant to bruise, to grind three-pronged arrow, double barrelled gun small crab farewell ! Sabbath day fair weather, summer a kingdom emphasizing particle a toad a worm to be sweet, delicate good spirit medicine-man, sorcerer sores, leprosy a tempest a chariot seed ; top ; head to stink to go to begin, to start, to depart indicates a trait of character, etc.

I-tu -o-ci, f. -o-tu -a-ci, f. -a-tu -o-ci, f, o-tu -oo-ci, f. oo-tu -oa-ci, f. oa-tu 9 Object-noun -i-sia -o-sia -a~sia -o-sia -o-sia •oa-sia 10. Hortative-Optative . . -ia 7 -a-ia -o-ia -o-ia ? -oa-ia ? symbolic representations adeki- imigodo- ikita adeko-(n-wa) imigodo-(n-wa) ikitoa adopted in this work ; . (to see) (to send) (to serve) 1. Imperative m -a 2. , Perfect t. 3 Abstract 4. , Present t. ') The following have been met with : 1". laloko, being a Spirit, etc. ; 2". ; 3". k-akosi, having eyes.

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