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By Oscar Kiss Maerth

Trans. Judith Hayward

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Often a mangets involved in problemsand loses his perspective and his sense of judgement; he is then led into error by anger, vindictiveness and absurd insistence on imaginary rights. Because of her special intelligence a womancan restrain him from desperate actions, provided that she is a true womanand no forcibly emancipatedcreature. Leadership and decision-making in the family, however, should always remain firmly in the hands of the man. Manwas and remains a descendant of the ape, and no group of apes was ever led by a female.

His intelligence, which had increased at the same time, enabled him to do this. But as his brain even then was beginning to be affected and he suffered from delusions, he continually used the wrong remedies to overcome his self-imposed troubles. These were barely adequate in curing the ill, but at the same time they created new ills which man again sought to cure by wrong methods. He still stands rooted in this infernal circle today, and it is just this process which he calls progress. No creature in the world has had to experience as many setbacks and disappointments as man.

Manbegan his upwardclimb as a sex-obsessed ape. Andhe is still prepared today to do anything for sex and knowledge;no price is too high for him. Hehas got sexuality and intelligence into an irremediable mess, and is continuing to tinker with both, becausehe is satisfied neither with his sex life nor with his sick brain. His brain-drugs and sex-drugs are of no avail in overcominghis troubles ; he will never be rid of them. For the inhabitants of these regions it is still rewardingtoday, and does not cause any such critical brain damageas it does among those races whichhad begunthe habit about 200,000years earlier.

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