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By Lorin Woolfe

This advisor for enterprise leaders tells the stories of dozens of significant figures within the Bible (Old testomony and New) and indicates how their activities reveal management traits.

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Once a month, the whole company spends half a day focusing on one aspect of their mission: diversity, profitability, and the environment. The cost to the company? Some $75,000 in lost production time. ‘‘And it’s worth every penny,’’ says Chappell. What exactly is gained? ’’ Secondly, it boosts morale, builds teamwork, and shows that the company practices what it preaches. 6 In 1991, Larry Bossidy, CEO of Allied Signal, found himself in a position similar to that of Moses. The company lacked purpose, morale was suffering, and the bottom line was showing it.

Mordechai’s crime? Holding fast to his purpose, he refused to bow down to Haman and would bow down only to God. Mordechai knew that there was only one person in the entire kingdom who could save the Jews—his cousin, the newly appointed queen. He also knew that she would have to have a strong sense of purpose to accomplish her mission. After all, the previous queen had been exiled for daring to assert herself in the smallest way. Esther could have taken the easy way out by hiding her Jewish identity, letting her people be destroyed but continuing to live royally herself.

Solo24 Purpose 25 mon’s was to build a temple, not for his own glory, but for the glory of a higher power and purpose. And the goal of the prophets was that each in his own way would keep an entire nation from straying from its original purpose. For the modern corporate leader, the ability to formulate a clear, compelling purpose and stay ‘‘on purpose’’ is often the difference between success and failure, between an inspired and inspiring work life and the mere pursuit of profit or a paycheck. All the recent emphasis on mission and vision is something that the leaders of the Bible would have resonated with; indeed, they invented the terms, or at least lived with them daily.

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