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By Innocent Himbaza

The Bible at the query of Homosexuality addresses the hotly debated subject of even if the Bible condemns homosexuality by way of a detailed interpreting of the biblical texts with out taboo or prejudice, with out own or church interpretation.

Originally released as "Clarifications sur l'homosexualité dans l. a. Bible" (Paris: Les Éditions du Cerf, © 2007).

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16 This condemnation is highlighted by 16. Jacob Milgrom thinks that the law regarding homosexuality (Lev. 18:22 and 20:13) concerns only Jewish males living in the holy land. He says 22 Old Testament Stories and Homosexuality the genius of the redactor. The two stories are constructed in such a way that, both for the inhabitants of Sodom and and for those of Gibeah, their first avowed intention is not realized. Whereas in Genesis 19 the inhabitants of Sodom are struck with blindness before they can commit the act, in Judges 19 the rape is realized with a woman and not a man.

Still, the proposal to change the content of the request has not been well received by modern scholars. As for verse 24, others think that it, too, has been added under the influence of the story of Sodom, and should be removed. Finally, others think that verse 24 was found in the old story but that the Levite’s concubine was added later in this verse. Their proposal is to keep verse 24, taking out only the mention of the concubine. This way of understanding the text has convinced many modern scholars.

It explains the reason for the total destruction of Sodom: there was not the minimum of righteous necessary to spare the city (cf. Gen. 18:32). It is interesting to note that, during the discussion with the inhabitants of Sodom, Lot finds himself outside the house (v. 7). Thus, he too was in danger of being harmed if he did not give up his visitors. Still, while he was at their mercy, he was only pushed violently away from the door. Clearly, the inhabitants of Sodom did not want to know the men because they were men, but first and foremost because they were strangers.

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