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A metal card table and two folding chairs sat in front of the kitchenette lining the wall to her far right. The path to the front door looked miles away, even though the room could not have been more than fifteen feet wide. She tried a second time to heave her aching body to a sitting position when a brisk knock at the front door stopped her. Her captor whipped out a small gun from behind his back and aimed it in the direction of the sound. Before Sela could scream for help he grabbed her shoulder and lifted her off the sofa.

A fierce bruise already marred her cheek. Her short skirt was hiked up high on her thighs, and it looked as if her scuffed pumps were the only things holding her tattered panty hose to her legs. Rage filled his brain until he had to fight the urge to kill Johnnie right there. Instead, Zach nodded in Sela’s direction with a studied coolness he didn’t feel. ” Johnnie kept his arm locked around her slim throat as he held her just out of Zach’s easy reach. ” Johnnie’s gun shifted next to her face. Zach concentrated on the weapon so he didn’t have to see the confusion move over her.

His sore ribs protested, but it was more important to keep Sela’s knee immobilized and stable than to worry about his battered insides. He stripped down to his white undershirt and folded his dark shirt into a long, slim bandage. ” Sela’s body turned to marble. The sudden change caught his attention. His gaze shot up to meet hers. Her seething anger evaporated and in its place came surprise. ” he asked. She blinked several times. ” His eyes narrowed. ” When she continued to stare over his shoulder with her mouth clamped shut, he gave up and wrapped her knee.

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