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The lymphoid areas become rich in plasma cells, and small lymphocytes become very much more numerous, while the edges of the areas demonstrate metaplastic conversion of lymphocytes into granular leucocytes, pari passu with the diminution in number of the myelocytes. The fact that the central cells of these lymphoid areas are morphologically identical with the myeloblasts cells of ordinary bone-marrow shows that the same kind of cell can turn into a lymphoid cell at one time, and a polynuclear at another.

It is usually considered that the erythrocyte is derived from a different parent from the so-called white cells, and the discussion about the relation between the parent and daughtercells has centered in the question as to the common origin or not of the neutrophile leucocyte, the lymphocyte, and the large monor nuclear cells. Those w ho consider that all cells come from one, are called unitarians in hematology ; while those who consider that the lymphocyte and the granular leucocyte come from different parents, are called dualists.

45). various Fig. —NORMAL BONE-MARROW. T h e small dark cells are red cell parents, the large paler cells are white cell parents, and the ring forms are mature red cells. (Oc. 12, Zeiss Oil-immersion), Face p. 44] " · · · divisible into a leucocyte and a haemoglobin-holding series" (p. 45). Fig. 1 9 . — B O N E - M A R R O W SHOWING E R Y T H R O B L A S T I C R E A C T I O N . T h e stellate forms are pycnotic normoblasts. The other cells are as in the preceding figure. Notice a large cell with horseshoe-shaped nucleus—a metamyelocyte.

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