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By Nigel Findley

Teldin Moore ultimately locates the good send Spelljammer yet claiming the send proves to be tricky.

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He breaks the law only because he doesn't know the law," the newcomer pointed out reasonably. His voice had lost its snap of command, and was now soft, almost musical. " The large man hesitated. His hand loosened its grip on Teldin's shoulder, then fell away entirely. '" he said slowly. "'... but a crime to be corrected, not punished,'" the newcomer concluded. "Am I right? Our friend"—he indicated Teldin—"comes to the Great Archive for knowledge, in respect and reverence as he should. " Teldin's erstwhile foe dropped his gaze.

He'd left her behind in Herdspace— at her own request, he amended quickly. To the best of his knowledge, she was still alive—and he couldn't say that of many people he'd come to care about over the last months. Who knew? Maybe he'd eventually see her again. The universe was vast, but destiny seemed to enjoy loading the cosmic dice so that absurd coincidences came up from time to time, particularly around Teldin Moore. He held up the amulet, twisted the chain between his thumb and forefinger so the bronze disk turned slowly.

The Pathwalker edged nearer. The wasp's crewmen were definitely competent, he had to admit—neither that or suicidal and phenomenally lucky. Huge wings of fragile, translucent material extended from the top of the ship's hunched back, with a total span easily equal to the wasp's eighty-foot length. If that weren't enough, the six slender, jointed legs— the craft's landing gear—extended down and outward from the keel. If anyone had asked him, the Cloakmaster would have stated—categorically and without doubt—that it would be patently impossible for the wasp to come close alongside the Fool without either driving one of its legs through the smaller ship's hull or shearing off one of its fragile wings.

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