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By Katherine A. Fitzgerald, Luke A. J. O'Neill, Andy J. H. Gearing, Robin E. Callard

Thoroughly revised and improved, this moment version of The Cytokine FactsBook is the main updated reference handbook to be had for all present well-characterized interleukins, cytokines, and their receptors. an extra fifty two cytokines are integrated, doubling the variety of entries from the former version. the most important houses of every cytokine are defined and awarded in a truly available layout with diagrams for every of the receptors.
The Cytokine FactsBook contains loose on-line entry to the on a regular basis up-to-date Cytokine Webfacts. Cytokine Webfacts is a web based finished compendium of proof approximately cytokines and their receptors that features a number of info representations, akin to textual content, sign pathway diagrams and 3D photos. This interesting source is built-in into different databases through hypertext hyperlinks to supply a different community, and features a web-enabled model of RasMol for viewing constructions.

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G. et al. (2000) Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 97, 10162-10167. 4 Cytokine Receptor Superfamilies INTRODUCTION The receptors for many cytokines have now been cloned and analysis of their primary structures has enabled many of them to be grouped into superfamilies based on common homology regions. There is no agreed nomenclature for most of the superfamilies. ^ based on the most commonly used names. The main superfamihes recognized today are the haematopoietic receptor superfamily (also termed type I cytokine receptors), the interferon receptor superfamily (also termed type II cytokine receptors), the TNF receptor superfamily, the IL-1/Toll-like receptor superfamily, the tyrosine kinase receptor superfamily and the chemokine receptor superfamily.

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