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By Laurence W Preston

This leading edge learn of the ability of lineage in India throughout centuries examines a number of the conventional social buildings which transcended so effectively the political upheavals of British rule. lower than the Maratha state, the Devs occupied a privileged place within the ritual, social and financial hierarchies of the kingdom from the 1620s onwards, their carrying on with effect stemming largely from acquiring can provide of rent-free land round Pune and effectively conserving this inheritance from iteration to iteration. With the British conquest of Maharashtra in 1818, the shut relatives among kingdom and privileged topic have been slowly damaged and by means of the 1850s, the British sought to settle the Devs' landed rights. Basing their inquiries on preconquest vernacular records, they grew to become entwined in disputes over the tenure of the Devs' lands and the mode of inheritance in the lineage that demonstrate a telling lack of know-how of the standard kinfolk among the Indian kingdom and its privileged topics.

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1 2 Sanad of 30 September 1618 in Potdar, "Moraya Dev," pp. 55-6. 28 The acquisition of inam N t Carholi Bhosri 0 Man 0 Banere Aundh M ul 1\f a - utha R 0 "' village settlement Figure 3. Devs' villages in north-west Haveli Cincoli and other villages in north-west Haveli see Figure 3 . 1 3) This document raises several, as yet unanswerable, questions on the origin of Cincvad village. Perhaps Moroba did in fact live in Cincoli, not Cincvad, and this reference predates the foundation of the latter village.

2 Ibid. 23 The inamdar under the Marathas tration, there can thus be discerned a historical process of inam acquisition. This was preeminently a spatial process. As an inamdar lineage acquired successive grants of lands and villages in one locality, creating its own domain of activity, its sway gradually expanded over the countryside. For the Devs of Cincvad, a century of inam acquisition created the Cincvad Samsthan, a dispersed collection of villages around Pune but nonetheless a recognizable landed entity with a definite spatial structure.

Figure 7 thus displays an elaboration of the pattern set by 1 700. But now a considerable amount of inam had been acquired. Eight entire villages were added to the Samsthan by 1 750. In making these additions, the Devs and the granting authorities were careful to preserve and reinforce the contiguity of the Samsthan's villages. In essence, Figure 7 represents the consolidation of the Devs' landed interests in north-west Haveli. Only in one case, Banere, did the Devs apparently ever lose an inam 38 The acquisition of inam once it had been granted.

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