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By Ari Mermelstein, Shalom E. Holtz

Individuals to The Divine court docket in Comparative viewpoint deal with essentially the most pervasive non secular metaphors, that of the divine court docket, in either its ancient and thematic senses. on the way to make clear a few of the manifestations of the divine court, this quantity comprises essays by means of students of the traditional close to East, Hebrew Bible, moment Temple Judaism, early Christianity, Talmud, Islam, medieval Judaism, and classical Greek literature. Contributions to the quantity basically middle upon 3 comparable aspects of the divine court docket: the function of the divine court docket within the earthly felony method; the divine court because the website of old justice; and the divine court because the venue during which God is termed to reply to for his personal unjust acts.

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Fortunately, both the Manichaean evidence and the well-known Enochic mythological background appearing in 1 Enoch and other works have aided scholars greatly in their quest to grasp the original structure, content, and meaning of the book (which I will refer to henceforth as BG). cultural backdrop of the text implies a date in the early second century bce. See further his discussion on pp. 28–31. 5 For a detailed account, see J. C. Reeves, Jewish Lore and Manichaean Cosmogony: Studies in the Book of Giants Traditions (Monographs of the Hebrew Union College 14; Cincinnati: Hebrew Union College Press, 1992), esp.

The creatures would essentially be subservient instruments of God’s wrath rather than rebellious opponents of God’s created order. The problem of course is that there is little justification to read Daniel 7 in this way. There is no hint of Jewish sin in the chapter (or elsewhere in the book); only the arrogance and horrendous acts of the fourth beast/Seleucid Empire are emphasized, and the progression of history is preordained quite apart from any consideration of Torah observance. 51 A more plausible reading of Daniel 7 in my view is that it is not concerned with explaining the origins of evil, but rather with clarifying its nature and, most importantly, with promising its imminent end.

15 Argued by R. Stokes, “The Throne Visions of Daniel 7, 1 Enoch 14, and the Qumran Book of Giants (4Q530): An Analysis of Their Literary Relationship,” DSD 15 (2008): 340–58. 16 See Trotter, “Tradition of the Throne Vision,” 451–66. 32 Angel being” approaches God “with the clouds of heaven,” so it may be inferred that the courtroom is in heaven. ” (3) Daniel describes the clothing and hair of the enthroned one, as well as the fiery appearance of the throne and its wheels (cf. Ezek 1; 1 En. 14:18–23).

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