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THE NEW TEMPLE But the building of the temple also confirms the election of Jerusalem. What began in 2 Samuel 6 in terms of both place and dynasty is now authenticated. The Exodus traditions are transferred to this sacred mount which then became representative for all Israel. Zion is now the cosmic centre, the point of contact between heaven and earth. 'BC, since it is clear from 1 Kgs 8:16 that the act of Davidic dynasty centralization is the climax of the conquest just as the building of the temple is the consummation of the Sinai covenant.

In eschatological terms, however, as we well know, there was to be a “great David’s greater Son". Of course, David appears in 2 Sam 7 as Israel's representative. This note will be picked up elsewhere when Israel in particular is being discussed. One further point must be made for our present purposes from the prayer of David (2 Sam 7:18-29) which responds to the first half of the same chapter. The tenor of this prayer indicates that David well understood the issues involved in Nathan's prophecy.

B. Davidic Covenant Promises The emphasis in 2 Sam 7 is therefore on David as conqueror and provider of "rest". 1 Kgs 5:3-4 indicates, however, that David deferred building because he lacked opportunity. The Kings account is clarified in 1 Chron 22:8 (cf. 1 Chron 28:3) which ascribes the reason to his preoccupation with bloody conquest. This is confirmed in the present sequence in 2. Samuel by the account of David’s wars which follows in chapters 8-10, obviously structured theologically rather than chronologically.

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