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By M. Brodrick

Figuring out that we're finite, how will we stay to the fullest? thinker George Santayana prompt 'spirituality' allows us to take pleasure in what we've got. This publication clarifies and extends Santayana's account of spirituality, whereas suggesting how the detachment of spirituality can relieve human affliction, increase our lives, and make us higher humans.

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Thus, in no objective sense can it be a means to something else. “The mind is the buddha, and the buddha is the mind”, wrote Bodhidharma. “Beyond the mind there’s no buddha, and beyond the buddha there’s no mind. ”61 The mental nature of enlightenment makes it an end of action, not just subjectively but objectively. Since one cannot choose it as a means, enlightenment is an ultimate end-in-itself transcending means and ends: it is self-sufficient, always chosen as an end, and leads us out of the realm of action altogether.

The fact that, for Kierkegaard, one’s relation to God through faith is immediate, not mediated by the immediate, places it close to spirituality. Another sign that faith is akin to spirituality is the joy that faith brings, a joy higher than happiness, suggesting the true satisfaction associated with spirituality. 27 But it is how the knight of faith relates to the world around him that provides the most convincing evidence that what Kierkegaard called faith is a form of spirituality. The knight of faith is at home in the finite, so much so that one cannot distinguish him from everyone else by simply observing his behavior.

The existence or nonexistence of the roast lamb’s head is of no relevance, because the meal is eternally secure by virtue of faith. “He sits at an open window and surveys the neighborhood where he lives: everything that happens – a rat scurrying under a plank across the gutter, children playing – engages him with ... 31 There are no worries and no confusion for the knight of faith. All is transparent and clear and in that sense good. “In the evening, he smokes his pipe; seeing him, one would swear it was the butcher across the way vegetating in the gloaming.

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