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By John Daintith PH.D., Richard Rennie

The evidence On dossier Dictionary of Physics, Fourth variation contains nearly 320 new entries, new pictures, new pronuciation symbols, a list of web sites, and a bibliography. present entries and again topic were revised as a result.

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Part of the microwave region).

Bose–Einstein condensation /bohz ÿnshtÿn/ A phenomenon in which several thousand atoms of certain elements are able to combine to form a single entity (a superatom) at very low temperatures. The phenomenon is important in the theory of superfluids. Bose–Einstein condensation was first observed for atoms which are bosons in the late twentieth century. In the early twentyfirst century it was observed for bosons formed by the pairing of atoms, which are fermions. Bose–Einstein condensation is named for the Indian physicist Satyendra Nath Bose (1894–1974) and the Germanborn physicist Albert Einstein (1879–1955), who discovered BOSE–EINSTEIN STATISTICS in 1924.

Center of oscillation The point on a stationary compound PENDULUM located vertically below the pivot at a distance that equals the length of the equivalent simple pendulum. center of gravity See center of mass. center of pressure If a surface lies horizontally in a fluid, the pressure at all points will be the same. The resultant force will then act through the centroid of the surface. If the surface is not horizontal, the pressure on it will vary with depth. The resultant force will now act through a different point; the center of pressure is not at the centroid.

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