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By P. A. Brunt

Unified by means of an curiosity within the components at the back of the conversion of the Roman Republic right into a monarchy, this number of essays through famous historic historian P.A. Brunt contains revised or rewritten reports of the Italian allies, the Equites, the courts, the military, and amicitia, and new discussions of libertas, clientship, and factions.

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Cicero himselfconcededthat prowessin war earned more prestigethan fine oratory; none the less,his list of great orators included such men as the elder Cato and Scipio Aemilianus, who had triumphed for their victories. T6 Eloquencein the courts explains the rise of the parvenu Cicero, but 'saving the state' from in 63 he applied his gift with great effect to sedition. We tend to be so consciousof the danger of seeingRoman politics in his time through his eyes,or to be so repelled by his conceit, that we can easily underestimate the influence that he attained by oratory.

Disloyal peasantstoo, this commonwealth nor wished to see it stabilized',were for Cicero 54 ' l H u t ' A l . Lo t ' t ' H t :R o M A NR l : p t . l B t . In the total breakdownof order after Clodius' murder rioters would kill anyone they met who wore fine clothesand gold rings (Appian ii. zz). Clodius'gangswere composed of slaves,criminals, at best hirelings, or so Cicero tells us; in reality many were probably craftsmenand shopkeepers. But that would not have commended them to Cicero; manual work, retailing, trade (unlesscarried on by rich men in a big way) were sordid occuparions, and he could speakof 'artisans,shopkeepers, and all that scum'.

I. 43, ii. zg);t06Catiline who proposedto follow his example was one of his old partisans. tSg). Caesar'senemiesexpectedin 49 that he would effecta remissionof debts,but thesefearswere hardly justified. t o 5 d e i m p . C n . P o m p . t g , d e l e g . a g r . i . z 4 , i i . S . C aM t i ul i rn. e4 :9 5 r , C a l . ü . 8 , r 7 - z z , F a m . v . 6 . z, de ffic. ii. 84; Sall. Cat. 16. 4, zr. z, 28. 4, 39. to6 /ry', ch. xrx. ( ) t l l l : R ( ) I I A N R l l P t r B l . BCiii. The property of a debtor could be sold up bv court order lirr the benefit of his creditors, with the result that he incurred through irt/hmiathe loss of many valuable civic rights; it may have been Caesar t

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