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By A. Korthals Altes

The Forgotten conflict has remained alive and vibrant within the brain of its hundreds of thousands of members. This beneficial and brilliantly crafted paintings examines the battles of Overloon and Maas Salient, the "other" aspect of WWII in Europe-a bloody slugging fit among both expert competitors that comprised the truth of the "broad entrance" method.

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Toward noon, however, the air above us became filled with an ominous roar, and f r o m behind the enemy lines, at extremely low altitude, a huge armada of gliders and troop carriers flew over. " As there was no German anti-aircraft defense in the area, the Allies had complete control of the air. At t w o o'clock a grueling artillery bombardment hit the German positions. Major Kerutt's premonitions had turned out to be correct. An officer of another unit had positioned a number of anti-tank guns along the road instead of in the woods.

There were English armored cars at every street corner," wrote someone w h o had been hiding in the village on Sunday, September 24. "Hurrah, the Tommies are here, we are free," was the general feeling, "but soon we realized that it was merely a patrol. Holy Mass was over and within a few minutes the village square was crowded with people. " Suddenly, shots were fired, scattering the people in every direction. A few German prisoners were taken, "an officer with loosehanging coat and baggy trousers, his hands raised on his cap.

Its commanding officer, von Maltzahn, however, was totally unaware of any such plans w h e n he arrived by one of the first trains at the deserted railway station of Venlo on the night of September 17. In fact, he had no clue at all what was expected of him, and for hours he tried to make contact with General Student's staff. When he succeeded, he was told that f r o m n o w on his brigade would be part of the 86th Army Corps commanded by General von Obstfelder, w h o had his HQ at Hillenraad Castle, just north of Roermond.

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