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He could at a glance tell in the case of each page which was the hair side and which the flesh side of the original parchment—a test that will not hold of any other reproduction that I know of. ” For further examples of Kelsey’s high praise for the work of Swain and Ramsay, see Francis W. C. Ramsay, April 22, 1908, CLFP; and Francis W. Kelsey to Charles Lang Freer, August 29, 1908, CLFP. A comparison of the facsimile editions of the Washington Manuscripts—which still remain remarkable reproductions even in the current digital age—with any other contemporary facsimile edition of similar material quickly reveals the exceptional effort and ingenuity put into the successful accomplishment of this work.

Kelsey wrote of him: I do not think there is another American scholar who could have covered so much ground in the same time and have maintained so high a standard of completeness as I know Sanders has kept. Very few men can collate mss properly anyway—you would be surprised to know how many errors are found in publications of scholars of standing in their field. 36 The photography of the manuscripts (undertaken by George R. Swain, principal of the high school in Bay City, Michigan) and manufacture of the plates used his early publications of the discovery, see Henry A.

21 Perhaps Freer’s most auspicious day in Egypt, however, came shortly after he and Mann first arrived in Cairo. 23 Also recorded on blank sheets in his diary are two separate inventories outlining Freer’s initial understanding of the content of these manuscripts, which he had purchased for £1,600 (or $7,750) from an Egyptian antiquities merchant named Ali Arabi, whose shop was located in Giza, near the pyramids. In what appears to be the earlier of the two lists, possibly recorded amid discussions of the manuscripts with Arabi (aided by translation by his “dragoman” Ibrahim Aly), Freer wrote in his own hand the following: 20.

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