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By Susanne Winkler, Sam Featherston

The second one quantity of the two-volume set The culmination of Empirical Linguistics specializes in the linguistic results of empirical linguistics. The contributions current a number of the insights that linguists can achieve through using the recent equipment: development inside language examine is speeded up by means of the recent proof when you consider that language platforms are extra accurately captured. Readers will benefit from the clean viewpoint on linguistic questions made attainable by way of the evidence-based strategy.

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Since it is unlikely that und is an XP occupying SpecC, this can be regarded as a variant of V1-order in the clause following the kaum-clause. ) 22. Further phenomena where surface equivalence has been argued to play a role are backformation in word formation, pseudo-affixes (Wegener 2003), haplology, agreement mismatches (Ehrich 2007). html T¨uBaD/Z corpus (T¨ubinger Baumbank Corpus. Treebank including c. cdat) TIGER corpus (Linguistic Interpretation of German corpus. cdat) COSMAS II (St. 1997)) Primary Sources [Isidor] Der althochdeutsche Isidor.

4. Examples of V1-clauses in concessive function are very rare. The following example is taken from Zifonun et al. (1997: 2313): War der Versuch auch missgl¨uckt, gab er die Hoffnung doch was the attempt also failed gave he the hope however nicht auf. not up ‘Although the attempt had failed, he still didn’t give up hope’ 5. It should be mentioned that V1-clauses also occur in adversative adverbial function, where wenn-clauses are exceedingly rare (Zifonun et al. 1997: 2325). How this fact fits into a consistent picture of the semantics of wenn- vs.

The rise of new types of V1-declaratives We have argued that V1-conditionals did not participate in the change from peripheral adjunction to clause-internal embedding. Their unintegrated status has been diachronically stable. If this is correct, the rise of the V1cond–Vfin pattern must be analyzed as a newly arising syntactic structure of the apodosis and not of the V1-conditional. The new structure would be a declarative clause with V1-order, that is with no SpecC-position. 5 we argued that this is indeed a feasible analysis for the Present-Day German data since there is evidence for the existence of non-narrative declarative V1-order in independent contexts.

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