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By Peter J. Gomes

Why are such a lot of clever and compassionate humans embarrassed to assert they locate knowledge and luxury within the Bible? Why accomplish that many seekers flip to New Age religionsinstead of the Bible? and the way as a society did we come to cede biblical interpretation to people who could use the Bible as a device for department and exclusion?In this groundbreaking e-book, Peter Gomes indicates tips on how to learn the Bibleand what it says concerning the themes that crisis us all, together with pleasure affliction, evil, and goodness. He additionally explains what the Bible rather says approximately ladies, gays and lesbians, and other people of colour. With compassion, humor, and perception, he offers readers the instruments and figuring out they should make the traditional knowledge of the Bible a dynamic a part of their glossy lives.

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GOMES is a form of arrogant escapism. The Bible is a public book, and as such will always give offense. Christians who take the Bible and themselves seriously have to be prepared for that. A Living Text The second thing to be remembered about the Bible, as we proceed in our thinking about it, is that it is dynamic, living, alive, lively. ” (Hebrews 4:12) This means that behind the letter of the text is the spirit that animates it, the force that gave it and gives it life. Thus there is something always elusive about the Bible.

This fixed text has a life of its own, which the reader cannot by some simple process of reading capture as his or her own. ” Rather, it is that the text actually adapts itself to our capacity to hear it. Thus we hear not as first-century Christians, nor even as eighteenth-century Christians, but as men and women alive here and now. We hear the same texts that our ancestors heard but we hear them not necessarily as they heard them, but as only we can. Thus the reading and the hearing of scripture are for Christians in each generation a Pentecostal experience.

One of the most helpful new books in the field of biblical interpretation is Introduction to Biblical Interpretation, written in 1993 by William Klein, Craig Blomberg, and Robert Hubbard, all three of whom are professors in Denver Seminary and from an evangelical tradition. ” Their work is endorsed by an impressive list of scholars who share many of their theological and interpretive presuppositions about the role of the Bible in the life of the church. One of these says, “Discovering what God really means is a matter of life and death….

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