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By Arthur De Gobineau

Written within the mid -19th century, Gobineau's e-book supplied the vintage synthesis of rules which mostly made up our minds the character of recent racist concept. Drawing upon anthropology, linguistics and background, The Inequality of Human Races is the elemental record which places ahead racism as an international view.

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This is the end οί my argument as to the relation between institutions and races. 53 CHAPTER VI NATIONS, WHETHER PROGRESSING OR STAGNATING, ΑΜ INDEPENDENT OF ΤΗΕ REGIONS ΙΝ WHICH ΤΗΕΥ LIVE Ι MUST now consider whether the development οί peoples is affected (as many writers have asserted) by climate, soil, οι geographical situation. And although Ι have briefly touched οη this point ίη speaking οί environment,* Ι should be leaving a real gap ίη my theory if Ι did not discuss it more thoroughly. t We are just as readyto admit, as a corollary, that the tribes which are burnt by the sun or numbed by the etemal ice will be much more Iiable to remain ίη a savage state, 1iving as they do οη nothing but barren rocks.

We find a society of which the institutions are not on1y parallel to our own, but are derived from the latest pronouncements οί our politic~ wisdom. All that the most enlightened libera1ism has proclaimed for the last sixty years in the deliberative assemblies οί Europe, aΠ that has been written by the most enthusiastic champions οί man's dignity and independence, all the decIarations οί rights and principIes-these have all found their echo οη the banks οί the Artibonite. Nothing African has remained ίη the statute law.

Finding their labours greatly hindered by tbe extreme bήttleness οί tbe skulls they had exhumed. tbey discovered. after many abortive attempts. a way οί pouήng a preparation οΙ bitumen into tbe bodies. which soliιlliies at once and keeps tbe bones from crumbling. ΤΜ delicate process, which requires infiDite care and quickness, βeoιns, as a rule. to be entirely successful. 55 ΤΗΕ INEQUALITY OF HUMAN RACES wander over its tombs. Suppose, if you will, that there was some relation between them, whether by way of blood οι of slavery, and that thus the na6ves of to-day did learn from the ancient lords of the country, the first rudiments οί the arts they practise so imperfectly; this οήΙΥ makes us wonder the more that they should have found it impossible to carry any further what they had been taught.

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