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By Mike Mearls

Nice heroes desire nice foes! The Iron Heroes Bestiary includes greater than 30 new monsters designed to be used in Iron Heroes. They fill various roles, from clever, considering foes to brutal, senseless beasts that unfold distress and destruction. What they've got in universal is a mix of martial and arcane strength to problem the participant characters.

This publication additionally comprises easy recommendation on utilizing monsters in Iron Heroes, corresponding to new feats and mathematical equipment that assist you pass judgement on no matter if a creature deals the correct probability to the occasion, and new feats designed to paintings with monster abilities.

The Iron Heroes Bestiary additionally offers a number of new villain sessions, an cutting edge thought brought in learning Iron Heroes. Villain periods are a great tool for producing difficult NPC villains or rivals for the desktops with no less than paintings. and do not leave out the excellent monster desk, that includes all released Malhavoc Press monsters!

Compatible with any video game that makes use of d20-based mechanics.

Cover paintings through Jeremy Jarvis

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A character caught in the clawing dark can use all of the standard options for being in a grapple to attack, escape, and so forth. However, he can use a weapon of any size while in the dark’s grasp, and he doesn’t need to make a grapple check to attack with a weapon. While in the dark’s body, he remains trapped within the rift between worlds. A grapple or Escape Artist check represents his ability to wiggle free. With an armed attack, he hacks at the creature’s essence from the inside. 35 36 THE IRON HEROES BESTIARY Once a clawing dark pulls a victim into its space, it no longer needs to maintain its grip on the target and can use all of its attacks as normal.

In battle, a colossus relies on its brute strength and endurance to crush its enemies beneath its massive, taloned feet. Superior Trample (Ex): A colossus can use its trample attack as part of a move action. Normally, a trample attack requires a full-round action. Darkvision (Ex): A colossus can see 60 feet even in total darkness. Darkvision is black and white only, but otherwise like normal sight. Fast Healing (Ex): A colossus regains 15 hit points per round. Except where noted here, fast healing is just like natural healing.

39 40 THE IRON HEROES BESTIARY Defeating a colossus usually involves infiltrating the central tower and hijacking the controls. Even in this case, an adventurer’s best bet is to command the colossus to leave the area or flee to a barren wasteland. These creatures have survived the millennia not only because of their raw power, but because their magical abilities make them difficult to slay permanently. CLIMBING THE COLOSSUS A colossus of Thard is large enough that it requires a little extra discussion to fully detail the fortifications atop its body.

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