Download The Kingdom of Ierendi (Dungeons and Dragons Gazetteer GAZ4) by Anne Gray McCready, Ken Rolston PDF

By Anne Gray McCready, Ken Rolston

This Gazetteer comprises info on each one island within the state, whole maps of the realm, adventures keyed to precise destinations (as good as a few extra common ones), and for the DM a brand new approach to enjoying out sea battles, whole with send counters.

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However, its predominantly Makai population is self-sufficient, meeting its needs by fishing, farming, and sheep-raising, and the slow pace of life seems quite satisfactory to the natives. Geographically, Elegy Island is a rocky plateau that dips from the western highlands to the eastern coastline. The southwest coast is a region of high cliffs called Nyx’s Post Pile. Here great many-sided columns of basaltic lava have tumbled from the cliffs into the sea, forming a coastline of rock pillars jumbled like jackstraws.

However, many parts are still missing. Long ago, a powerful sorcerer kidnapped the leader of a pirate clan, a the comely corsair an this figurehead. She whole again if she re whereabouts. relaying any information she hears from visitors about the cargo on merchant ships or government plans to extricatethe pirates. Some say she is waiting for a long lost love who set sail from the island with There is plenty of flat land along peninsula and inland for visitors to cam1 on. Little wildlife on the island makes it 2 safe place camp in the open as loni as there is a fire burning.

The Whip0 0 and commands swirl the room a ropes, etc. Rulebook, p. 27. ating in attitudes of ure out how to swin water), or use magic o nents fail. If the 2. The Sea Semnt N I This area is not lit. E silently toward victims ly, or as PCs enter ch mination or alternative preparations been made, snakes surprise victims. If a victim shouts to warn others of the threat, speech is unintelligible. The snake bites cause no damage, but the Damage Belt registers a poison “paralysis” effect in 3-6 turns if the saving throw is failed.

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