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By John Clendenning

Infuses the 1st, hugely acclaimed version with new fabric that deepens our knowing of this wonderful American thinker.

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William Miller''Father" Millerled a group of ex-Baptists into the belief that Jesus Christ would reappear to start the millennium on October 22, 1844. Anticipating the Second Coming, Millerites filled the great tent in Rochester during continuous meetings throughout October; overflow crowds took over neighboring churches and public halls, and on Sundays, it was reported, thousands lined the Genesee River to witness baptisms. When Father Miller's vision failed, zeal found other outlets. Social and political reform was vigorous in the Burned-over District.

I will close these prefatory remarks with an observation about a change the reader might notice in my psychological approach to biography. Some reviewers of the first edition grumbled that the book contained too much idle speculation about the unconscious motives that might have influenced Royce's thought and actions. While I do not wholly agree with these critics, I do now recognize the merits of their objections. I continue to believe that every worthwhile biography must portray the inner being of the subject, and to do this the biographer must achieve a profound consanguinity with the person in question.

His habitual study of the Bible provided the foundation of his close familiarity with Scripture. " Such facility in biblical quotation was not acquired without institutional encouragement. Indeed a rigorous program of Bible study was central in the education of nearly every child in the Burned-over District. Sabbath schools sponsored "concerts" of prayer as annual programs that featured Bible recitations. In Rochester, during such a program in 1829, 1,700 children stood all day in the rain listening to recitations, reports of officers, and exhortations of leading religious teachers.

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