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By R. A. Salvatore

On my own at the battlefield.
Surrounded through death.
Cornered by way of enemies.
And able to die.

Drizzt Do’Urden has develop into an orc’s worst nightmare: a lone drow with not anything to lose and nowhere to run. because the North spirals into chaos and struggle, one darkish elf has determined to take it for my part, and it'll take a military to forestall him.

The Hunter’s blades were drawn, and Drizzt seriously isn't a similar.

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48 Lathtarl’s Lantern This small fishing village appears on few maps of the Realms, and most merchants don’t even know it exists 20 Part of this seclusion is because of its marshy surroundings, and part is due to its proximity to the dangerous lich hold of Larloch’s Crypt. ) Lathtarl was a pirate some 300 winters ago whose greed drove him to fall afoul of the elven ships out of Evermeet. Forced to flee for his life in a sea fight, he ran his ship ashore here as a wreck, most of his crew dead and himself a cripple, the arm and leg on one side of his body useless.

He disappeared some 20 summers ago, presumably coming to a sticky end, but until then enjoyed a colorful career of robbing rich merchants, nobles, and wizards who came through the area—and surviving! The Jester was a man of unusual height who hid his identity behind a jester’s mask. The bells of his headgear were silent and were actually magical tokens of various sorts that afforded him lucky escapes on many occasions. Several of his victims hunted him with ready spells or many swords or both, and he somehow outfaced them and sent them fleeing, their hireswords slain and their plans shattered.

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