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Set within the enchanted mountain of a spirit-queen presiding over an unnamed, postcolonial nation, this ethnographic paintings of ficto-criticism recreates in written shape the shrines in which the dead--notably the fetishized kinds of Europe's Others, Indians and Blacks--generate the paranormal powers of the fashionable nation.

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Unschooled. lean and 1Iandsome. told me they had just returned from Haiti where Zambrano had been studyin( voodoo. He's a brujo. he added. Years later Virgilio told me he was a powerful hea~ er and a good guy. He was a touch too fanatical for me but years la1er """'aty "'" made real contact. mat kept him going. He asked us if ..... knew what the spirit queen was all about. and took uS outside behind the shed on the edge of the canefield. The stars were out. He said this mount ain was lor the people of this c0untry like the w8iling wall was for the Jews.

A banco's Job Is to guide the Spitils and proteCIlhe person PO" sessed. It was ~ke she WIIS holding ofl bec:llUse she had attained some ultimate st ate 01 being and become .. spim herself. condensed Into a disembodied smile. But later he wondered If something else m ight have been disturbing her. When he returned to the mountain. -wards. the guardians told him she had died 80d someone else had taken her shed on the nat. She had died 01 cancel, though "ulte young. All his guides died or dlsoweared lilce thaI.

H ~ac:ke tors. S. Plains Indian bore the brunt 01 prirrutiYiSlll-lo testily 10 _ draw out the othe. wise lnarticul8ble magic and sacred design of the modern st 8l e. The Image of the Indian was a kll)'. 50 to speak. 8 key to the state'S saaed ;nlerio<. to the thea!... ed hand flOW eltteOded lowardS a possessable popul ace. II was the sacred interior we tInd In the modem stete. the spirit queen. unsettling Kafka'S Castle....

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