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By Michael D. Coe, Stephen D. Houston

"The most reliable of introductory books at the historic Maya." —Expedition

The Maya has lengthy been confirmed because the top, so much readable creation to the recent World's maximum historical civilization. Coe and Houston replace this vintage via distilling the newest scholarship for the overall reader and student.

This re-creation accommodates the latest archaeological and epigraphic examine, which maintains to continue at a quick velocity. among the best new discoveries are fabulous stucco sculptures at El Zotz and Holmul, which display staggering features of Maya royalty and the founding of dynasties. Dramatic refinements in our realizing of the speed of advancements of the Maya civilization have led students to understand a trend of swift bursts of creating and political formation. different unearths contain the invention of the earliest recognized occupant of the zone, the Hoyo Negro lady, recovered from an underwater cavern within the Yucatan peninsula, besides new proof for the 1st structure at Ceibal.

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