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This quantity of Progress in Molecular Biology and Translational Science specializes in the newest study surrounding Cadherins from most sensible specialists within the field.

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A classic example is the closure of the neural tube in mouse and Xenopus embryos. 3 Different effects of isotropic and anisotropic tension and actomyosin network anchorage on epithelial tissue morphogenesis. (A–C) In Drosophila mesodermal cells, apical constriction is mediated by an isotropic tension that constricts the apical cell surface and all cell–cell contacts equally (A). 72–74 In other systems, such as the mesoderms of C. elegans75 and Drosophila,76 apical constriction is associated with enrichment and activation of myosin II in the medial apical region of the cell rather than at junctions.

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