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By Annick Wilmotte (auth.), Donald A. Bryant (eds.)

More than two decades in the past, as a fledgling graduate a few abnormal facets of the genetics of those pupil who used to be simply beginning to find out about those organisms yet to pay respects to the 2 volumes of organisms that will develop into my fundamental examine Carr of Whitton that performed very important roles in my concentration, the e-book of Noel Carr and Brian personal puzzling over cyanobacteria (and without doubt in Whitton's The Biology of the Blue-Green Algae within the improvement of many others as well). Contri­ 1973 was once an occasion of serious value. until eventually the buting authors have been requested to explain not just what visual appeal of this treatise, there has been no unmarried quantity we all know at the present, but additionally to show issues we to be had that awarded a huge review of the do not know but. i've got tried to gather a booklet biology and biochemistry ofthese organisms. approximately that may stimulate graduate scholars and different ten years later, i used to be privileged to be a contributing researchers within the comparable method that i used to be plagued by the writer to Carr and Whitton's sequel quantity The books pointed out above. Biology of the Cyanobacteria. even though the it seems that cyanobacterial molecular biologists intervening interval have been marked by way of heated debates have certainly paid realization to the admonition in their over the taxonomy and taxonomic place of the erstwhile colleague, W Ford Doolittle, to 'study organisms, it used to be additionally a time while the comparative these issues that cyanobacteria do well.

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1979) Orders Chroococcales + Chamaesiphonales sensu Geitler (1932) Order Chroococcales sensu Waterbury and Rippka (1989) Reproduction by binary fission or by budding Unicellular; cells single or forming colonial aggregates held together by additional outer cell wall layers Table 1. Major diagnostic features of the Sections ofRippka et al. (1979), with the broadly equivalent orders following the botanical taxonomic system of Geitler (1925, 1932), the revision by Anagnostidis and Komarek (1986), and the latest edition of the Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology CD g 3 '"~ o· ::I » ::I 0\ Chapter 1 Molecular Approach to Cyanobacterial Evolution and Taxonomy strain Synechocystis sp.

In: Staley JT, Bryant MP, Pfennig N and Holt JG (eds) Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology, Vol 3, pp 1710-1728. Williams and Wilkins Co, Baltimore Caudales R and Wells JM (1992) Differentiation offree-living Anabaena and Nostoc cyanobacteria on the basis of fatty acid composition. Int J Syst Bacteriol 42: 246-251 Caudales R, Wells JM, and Antoine AD (1992) Cellular fatty acid composition of symbiotic cyanobacteria isolated from the aquatic fern Azolla. J Gen Microbiol 138: 1489-1494 Damerval T, Castets A-M, Guglielmi G, Houmard J and Tandeau de Marsac N (1989) Occurrence and distribution of gas vesicle genes among cyanobacteria.

Revision of the Classification of the Oscillatoriaceae. Monograph Acad Natur Sci Philadelphia. Fulton Press, Lancaster, Pennsylvania Eskew DL, Caetano-Anolles G, Bassam BJ and Gresshoff PM (1993) DNA amplification fingerprinting of the symbiosis. 5) user's manual. Privately published, 41 Admiral Street, Port Jefferson Station, New York, New York Felsenstein J (1985) Confidence limits on phylogenies: an approach using the bootstrap. Evolution 39: 783-791 Fox GE, Wisotzkey JD and Jurtshuk P (1992).

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