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By Wilhelm Reich

In this profound and relocating paintings, the scientist Wilhelm Reich explores the which means of Christ's lifestyles and divulges the hidden, common scourge that brought on his agonizing death--The Emotional Plague of Mankind.

Reich contends that guy is confronted with complete accountability for the homicide of Christ throughout the ages--for the homicide of fellow people, it doesn't matter what the situations. here's the blunt fact approximately people's precise methods of being, appearing and emotional reacting.

Here, additionally, the lesson of the homicide of Christ is utilized to the modern social scene. The tragedy of Reich's personal loss of life issues up the truth that the issues provided within the homicide OF CHRIST are acute difficulties of present-day society.

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There has for many ages been something at work within human society that rendered impotent any and every single attempt to get at the solution of the great riddle, well known to all great leaders of humanity during the past several thousands of years: Man is born free, yet he goes through life as slave. No answer has been found till now. There must be something at work in human society that obstructs the asking of the correct question to reach the right answer. All human philosophy is riddled with the nightmare of searching in vain.

He did not understand why he got into the trap. He felt he must have done something wrong, but he knew not what wrong he had done. He had not felt ashamed being naked, and then, suddenly, he felt ashamed of his genital organs. He had eaten from the tree of forbidden “knowledge,” which, in Biblical language means, he “knew” Eve, he embraced her genitally. For this now he has been expelled from the Garden of Eden. God’s own most beautiful serpent had seduced them; the symbol of wavy, living Life and of the male sexual organ had seduced them.

Their symbol in the Christian faith, Jesus Christ, is a strongly radiating creature. He attracts people who flock around him in crowds and love him. This love actually is hunger for love; it turns easily into malignancy when not gratified. Radiating creatures full of life are born leaders of people. They are leaders automatically, without effort, without proclaiming themselves as leaders of people, as the leaders of the emotional plague do. Children who gleam with happiness are also born leaders of other children.

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