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By Pavel D. Naselsky;Dmitry I. Novikov;Igor D. Novikov

Amazing observational breakthroughs via contemporary experiments, and especially the WMAP satellite tv for pc, have heralded a brand new epoch of CMB technology 40 years after its unique discovery. Taking a actual procedure, the authors probe the matter of the 'darkness' of the Universe: the starting place and evolution of darkish strength and topic within the cosmos. beginning with the observational historical past of contemporary cosmology, they supply an updated and available evaluation of this interesting but complicated topic. themes mentioned comprise the kinetics of the electromagnetic radiation within the Universe, the ionization historical past of cosmic plasmas, the beginning of primordial perturbations in gentle of the inflation paradigm, and the formation of anisotropy and polarization of the CMB. This well timed and obtainable assessment may be useful to complicated scholars and researchers in cosmology. The textual content highlights the development made via fresh experiments, together with the WMAP satellite tv for pc, and appears forward to destiny CMB experiments.

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5 70 3 h 70 – Hubble constant in units of 70 km s−1 Mpc−1 attracted widespread attention. Judging by the data of Alcock et al. e. 2 M . Nevertheless, their nature remains problematic. Fukugita et al. 25. However, this evaluation only points to an upper bound, and its reliability is uncertain. As a counter-example, we may cite the hypothesis that these objects are massive black holes (Ivanov, Naselsky and Novikov, 1994) formed at the earliest stages of the expansion of the Universe. Then the fraction of baryons in these objects should be negligibly small, b 0 (see the discussion in de Freitas-Pacheco and Peirani (2004)).

9 × 10−5 ≤ D/H ≤ 4 × 10−5 . 28) The paper by O’Meara et al. 536 should also be mentioned. 23) × 10−5 . 3. 023. , 2000). 29) b could, in Lithium The abundance of the Li7 isotope is evaluated from the data of observations of about 100 hot stars of population II. 1) × 10−10 (Molaro, Primas and Bonifacio, 1995). However, it was mentioned earlier that the observed content of Li7 cannot in any way be interpreted as the primordial level. , 2000). Recapitulating on the results of theoretical predictions of the mass content of light chemical elements and observational data concerning their abundance, we provide a summarizing diagram (Fig.

Another important factor is found in the errors of determining the field of peculiar velocities and, as we have already mentioned, uncertainties in determining the distance scale. In addition to the methods outlined above, techniques for indirect determination of dm are rapidly progressing; they are based on models of specific effects. , 1993), an analysis of the power spectrum of density fluctuations on small scales r ≤ 3 Mpc (Peacock, 1997), and some others. At the same time, a very important factor that gives a measure of today’s density of not only the hidden mass, but also of the diffusely distributed component is the evaluated age of the Universe, tU .

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