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By Rob Heinsoo

Climb aboard an astral skiff and set sail for adventure!The experience chances are boundless. at the Astral Sea, characters face off opposed to angels, devils, githyanki, or even the gods and their exarchs whereas exploring dungeons, raiding astral galleons, and setting up themselves as demigods. This online game complement builds at the review of the Astral Sea provided within the handbook of the Planes™ video game complement and explores the heavenly aircraft is bigger element. From the cavernous layers of 9 Hells to the darkish dungeons of Tytherion, event awaits in each astral dominion and at the big, uncharted sea that stretches among them.This online game complement describes the Astral Sea intimately, that includes key destinations in the course of the airplane. It additionally provides a large number of recent monsters, in addition to event hooks, encounters, risks, and every thing Dungeon Masters have the desire to make the Astral Sea a featured surroundings of their campaigns.

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Through this act, it has fallen upon Corellon, Sehanine, Melora, Avandra, and their exalted to hunt down and slay these abominations before they can emerge into the Astral Sea. The exalted ofMel ora and Avandra also find purpose in the Glorious Hunt. The roving exalted of Avandra are pampered as honored guests 'while not on the Hunt, if they so choose. Exalted of Melora frequently live in the Hunting Lands, venturing into the tamer areas of the Court of the Seldarine only once every couple of decades.

Abominations are drawn to the seething Waste­ land of Burst Blood, since memories ofGruumsh's fury and power seeped into the land there. For this reason, the Glorious Hunt often sweeps through the site of Corellon's ancient victory. Any creature in the area gains a +2 bonus to damage rolls, but takes a -2 penalty to AC. For bloodied crea­ tures, the bonus and penalty are +5 and -5 respectively. MAJOR AREAS The dominion ofCoreJlon and Sehanine is split between civilized splendor and rugged wilderness.

CELEST1A Green hills and majestic mountains cover the isle of Celestia, which is home to the deities Bahamut, Kord, and Moradin. Each god claims one of the realm's seven great peaks as his seat of power and competes for temporary jurisdiction over the four unoccupied mountains in a ritualistically complex and tactically subtle competition called the Game ofMountains. In the rugged archipelago known as the Foothills, the nearly exalted live in the shadows of the competition on the peaks. The isle of Celestia is one hundred twenty miles long.

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