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By Ari Marmell

Fiendish dungeons and elemental battlefields await...A hotbed of event possibilities watch for you within the roiling maelstrom of the fundamental Chaos–a airplane of titans, elementals, genies, slaads, and demons. This video game complement builds at the assessment of the fundamental Chaos awarded within the handbook of the Planes™ video game complement and explores the tumultuous aircraft is bigger element. From town of Brass to the githzerai monastery of Zerthadlun to the spiraling depths of the Abyss, event lurks at the back of each lava waterfall, throughout each icy battlefield, and past each raging lightning storm.This online game complement describes the basic Chaos intimately, that includes key destinations in the course of the aircraft. It additionally provides a large number of recent monsters, robust primordials, and robust demons, in addition to event hooks, encounters, risks, and every little thing Dungeon Masters have the desire to make the basic Chaos a featured surroundings of their campaigns.

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Then everything goes wrong. The slaads, rather than destroying the primordial, destroy only its shackles. With a shriek of triumph , the horror breaks free. It dispatches Solariel with contemptuous ease, then turns toward the party. A final, cosmos­ shaking battle ensues. CHAP T ER 1 I Chaos Incarnate ~ :E <: U THE BIGGER THEY ARE . In an age so long ago it is mythical, the gods and the primordials battled for sovereignty over creation. Numerous primordials, defeated but not slain, were bound in divine prisons and left afloat in the depths of the Elemental Chaos.

Though the Lady of Pain remained inviolate and in control, many other lesser power structures faltered or failed altogether, including the faction called the Xaositects. Calling this group an organization would be a stretch. The loosely connected order, while older than many others, had a habit of disbanding, re-forming, and changing its name. Such behavior not only makes it dif­ ficult to compile a reliable history of the Xaositects but also leaves open a question: Are all those earlier Xaosi­ tects gone, or are some stiU rattling around the planes?

The nonnative inhabitants of the Plane Below must expend so much time and effort on survival that they have little energy or motivat ion to pursue other goals. Yet as a source of unimaginable power. the Ele­ mental Chaos calls to groups of individuals who seek to explore and to exploit its depths. A few examples of Elemental Chaos-linked organizations follow. As always, pick and choose the details you are fond of, or let them inspire you to create groups ofyour own. THE CULT OF THE ELDER ELEMENTAL EVE The Temple of Elemental Evil: Nearly every sage, priest, or adventurer has heard its name whispered in rumors and legends.

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