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By Daniel A. Smith

Q 13:34-35, the Jerusalem Logion, aligns the rejection of the speaker by means of Jerusalem either with the abandonment of Jerusalem's residence and with the longer term invisibility and go back of the speaker: 'You won't see me until eventually you are saying, Blessed is the arriving One within the identify of the Lord' (13:35b). The accident of now not seeing language with a connection with a destiny coming is comparable to the relationship, in Jewish literature specially, among the belief and eschatological functionality. The e-book proposes that this connection with Jesus' assumption is a clue to how Q conceives of the autopsy vindication of Jesus, considering the fact that quite a few Q sayings presuppose an information of Jesus' loss of life. In help of this, the e-book argues that during Hellenistic Jewish writings assumption used to be now not regularly thought of to be an get away from demise (as within the biblical situations of Enoch and Elijah), yet may well ensue at or after loss of life, as used to be extra essentially the case in Greek idea. this type of technique of vindication is critical for Q since it evidences a trust in Jesus' ongoing lifestyles and destiny go back because the Son of guy, and since resurrection notwithstanding a function of Q's eschatology isn't separately utilized to Jesus. an identical view is presupposed through the pre-Markan empty tomb culture, which describes the disappearance of Jesus' physique yet narrates neither the resurrection itself nor an visual appeal of the risen Jesus. The ebook additionally attracts out implications of the thesis for where of the Sayings Gospel Q in the early Christian pursuits, rather vis-vis the vindication of Jesus.

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131. Robinson, '}Nus - From Easter', p. 22. 28 Post-Mortem Vindication ofJesus in the Sayings Gospel Q have great significance in any of the treatments discussed here, it may be stressed again that the problem of legitimating jesus' sayings becomes more acute in the face of his rejection and exec-utjon. s - between pre-Easter and post-Easter traditions. d suggested reminiscent of Easterworient:ed authorita .. tions,'" and which falls 'in the middle of Q', cannot imply any kind of chronological referent.

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