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By Alejandro Melchor, Anne Stokes

Dwelling for an eternity, elves are loose spirits of nature made flesh, reveling of their reference to all issues magical and pleased with the ability flowing of their blood. The unseen voice echoing one of the bushes with a promise of fast loss of life to any intruder, the grasp shaper who asks nature to co-operate within the development of fantastical dwellings, the warrior who fees into the sector atop a flying beast, the kid whose soul remains to be powerful with the facility of the fey, the renegade who worships darkish deities deep less than the floor, the artist who retains magic and culture alive via music and dance, the wizard who bends magic to his will by way of the facility of his historic blood. All of those are a couple of examples of elves, the main conventional and brilliant of all fable races. The integral Elf is a sourcebook that would enormously extend the choices on hand for elf characters whatever the type they belong to, giving parts to flesh them out as particular being past a couple of racial bonuses.

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Impiltur fears that Thay will overwhelm all the Eastern Lands, and then turn west to crush the Coastal Cities, Impiltur, and Aglarond. l The Red Wizards of Thay have sent legions of elementals against rebellious neighboring satraps, destroying four of them (the coastal cities of Lasdur, Taskaunt, Murbant, and Thasselen) utterly, taking those lands (and that of 30 Hilbrand, which surrendered without a fight) under Thay’s banner. Escalant, the most powerful of the cities, is currently under siege.

Thus, a 13th level Wizard with 2 apprentices of 3rd level, 2 of 2nd level, and 2 of 1st level can memorize spells and cast them as if he were 25th level, though he cannot memorize the 7th, 8th and 9th level spells that a 25th level wizard could memorize. The apprentices helping the wizard must be of the same school. Note that any school but Evocation must use this spell at 2nd level, not first. If the wizard is a member of more than one school, his spellcasting ability can only be helped for those spells whose school the Circle’s apprentices are part of.

Range: Touch Duration: 3-12 rounds (1d10 + 2) Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: One creature Explanation/Description: No form of poison, ingested in any fashion, affects the protected individual, and any such poison already in the subject’s system is permanently neutralized. The material component of the spell is a sprig of belladonna. Resist Energy Drain (Abjuration) Level: 2 Components: V, S Range: Touch Casting Time: 1 turn Duration: 1 turn/level Saving Throw: None Area of Effect: Creature touched Explanation/Description: This spell gives the subject a saving throw vs.

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