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By Pascal Dollé, Karen Niederreither

The Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease provides an outline and synthesis of the retinoid molecules, from simple biology to mechanisms of ailments and remedy. Divided into 5 sections, the booklet covers retinoic acid signaling from biochemical, genetic, developmental, and scientific perspectives. 

The textual content is split into 5 sections, the 1st of which examines nutrition A metabolic and enzymatic pathways. concentration then shifts to the function of retinoic acid signaling in improvement, after which to retinoids and physiological functionality. The booklet concludes with chapters on retinoids, affliction and therapy.

accomplished in scope and written by way of best researchers within the field, The Retinoids: Biology, Biochemistry, and Disease will be an important reference for biologists, biochemists, geneticists and developmental biologists, in addition to for clinicians and pharmacists engaged in scientific examine regarding retinoids.

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1999, 2005). Hence, Rbp-deficient mice are prone to developing vitamin A deficiency when subjected to insufficient dietary vitamin A intake. Since retinyl esters are very highly hydrophobic, they are, thus, incorporated into intracellular lipid droplets. The formation and degradation of intracellular lipid droplets is a highly regulated process involving lipid synthesizing and degrading enzymes and many different lipid droplet-associated proteins. , 2013). As is discussed in more detail later, the RPE retinosomes and the HSC lipid droplets are specialized lipid droplets that accumulate relatively high concentrations of retinyl esters.

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