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By Benedictus de Spinoza

The 17th century Dutch thinker perspectives the power to event rational love of God because the key to studying the contradictory and violent human feelings.

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In this case the biography of a book can serve where face-to-face encounters are not possible. On Bonhoeffer’s pages one does not learn how to conspire against the life of a dictator or how to survive in prison, but one might learn more about the world in which one lives today. ” moments can occur. Letters and Papers from Prison is highly personal, including raw material that might have been in use had Bonhoeffer written a memoir. ” The details of the life of a reader in a cozy study or a library will not begin to match those of Bonhoeffer, but this book, which has its own life, can serve the reader, who brings her own life to the reading, to experience change.

For a quick illustration, I point to the fact that Bonhoeffer had a twin sister, Sabine, who was very important to him and who appears on twenty pages of Bethge’s biography. She would go unmentioned here, had the writer of the letters not referred to her five times and had she not been married to a Jew, a lawyer, 22 Chapter 1 with whom she took refuge in England. Since the reception of Letters and Papers from Prison in Great Britain and among Jews is at least a small part of the biography of the book, it is the two or three allusions or slight references to her in the letters from her imprisoned brother that would draw notice.

This, then, is the story of Letters and Papers from Prison by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Though, of course, the author had a life of his own, in the form of experiences that reach far beyond the margins and covers in this book, it is his letters that give life to the biography and merit notice in new generations. 20 Chapter 1 To this point we have conjured up a reader who came across the book and took it home because she was at least mildly interested in prison literature. We further picture that, if she is patient after opening her purchase and the book is compelling, she finds it speaking to her out of a world unfamiliar to her.

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