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By Eric Raimy, Charles E. Cairns

The section in Phonetics and Phonology unravels precisely what the phase is and on what degrees it exists, imminent the examine of the section with theoretical, empirical, and methodological heterogeneity as its guiding principle.

  • A intentionally eclectic method of the learn of the phase that investigates precisely what the phase is and on what point it exists
  • Includes new examine information from a various variety of fields akin to experimental psycholinguistics, language acquisition, and mathematical theories of communication
  • Represents the main theoretical versions of phonology, together with Articulatory Phonology, Optimality thought, Laboratory Phonology and Generative Phonology
  • Examines either well-studied languages like English, chinese language, and eastern and under-studied languages equivalent to Southern Sierra Miwok, Päri, and American signal Language

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The fs-letter -l- was chosen because it is a common letter (with 259 occurrences), and is representative of the fs-letters that show coarticulation. 9 A plot showing the effect of conditioning apogees (-i-, -j-, and -y-) on the probability of pinky extension at mean transition times for both previous and following. Dots are model predictions for an apogee with a conditioning apogee in the previous position, following position, both, or neither. The lines are two standard deviations on either side.

1 Introduction Eric Raimy and Charles E. Cairns 1 Scope and background The segment is an elusive entity. On the one hand it appears so intuitively obvious that it might appear strange to some that it warrants the attention of an entire volume, yet on the other hand it is not at all clear what it is, where it comes from, or whether or not the concept is entirely chimerical and thus a hindrance in our attempts to understand human language. This volume takes a deliberately eclectic approach to the study of the segment.

To the extent that the segment has been explicitly discussed at all, there has never been consensus on what the segment is, or even if it represents a cognitively real entity of any kind. What level does it exist on, if it exists at all? Is it merely part of a more basic unit like the syllable? Most scholars agree that segments should be broken down into more basic units of some sort. But if subphonemic units are the elementary atoms of phonological description, are they reliably coterminous, producing an emergent segment?

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