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By Hella Olbertz, Kees Hengeveld, Jesús Sánchez García

The papers accumulated during this quantity situation 5 assorted elements of the position of the lexicon within the concept of practical Grammar equivalent to built via Simon C. Dik and his co-workers. the amount starts with an eminently sensible part at the Functional-Lexematic version, a lexicological and lexicographical method which has mostly been encouraged by way of Dik’s precept of stepwise lexical decomposition. as well as a theoretical advent to the version, functions to English, German and Spanish are provided. the second one a part of the amount offers with the derivation of action-nouns, pseudo-reflexive verbs and causative buildings, therefore delivering new views on predicate formation inside sensible Grammar. this is often by means of a bit that centres round an incredible challenge on the topic of valency which in past times has had virtually no realization inside sensible Grammar: the query of the way to account for the collocational homes of predicates. The fourth a part of the e-book discusses (non-prototypical) transitive verbs and their relation to the typology of states of affairs, which results in proposals of attainable variations of Dik’s typology. the ultimate part focusses at the courting among the lexicon and the underlying constitution of the clause. 3 proposals of various levels of radicalism are offered to re-examine this relation.

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To think sth. is true when it is not in order to take sth. away from them [defraud, swindle]. 7. o. to become aware of sth. o. to think that sth. is true when it is not to make them do sth. [trick dupe]. o. to think in a certain way (influence), causing them to do sth. [induce]. 8. Change/Existence: To think that sth. is going to become real (happen) [expect]. 9. o. not to understand sth. (confuse), making them feel surprise and unsure how to act [confound]. o. not to understand sth. (confuse), making them feel slightly worried [perplex].

Not to understand sth. (confuse), making them feel slightly worried [perplex]. (c) To think anxiously for a long time about past events that make one feel sad, worried or angry [brood]. 10. Movement: (a) To think and arrive at an opinion or judgement [reason, calculate, deduce]. o. to think in a certain way (influence), causing them to go from one opinion to another [sway]. , bringing it back into one's mind from the past [remember]. 11. Existence: (a) To think sth. will happen [expect, anticipate, foresee].

With machines or by means of chemical processes' df = produzierenv (x1: prot company)Ag (x2: product)Go/Eff 42 JOSÉ-ANTONIO CALAÑAS CONTINENTE NomE AkkE Das Volkswagenwerk stellt täglich 6000 Autos her 'The Volkswagen plant manufactures 6000 cars in one day' brennenv: durch Hitzeeinwirkung herstellen 'to produce sth. by using heat' df = herstellenv (x1 (x2: ceramics, brandy)Go/Eff NomE AkkE NomE: impersonal subject; producer. Passive construction preferred Hier wird seit Jahrhunderten Schnaps gebrannt 'Schnapps has been produced here for centuries' destillierenv: Flüssigkeiten brennen 'to produce spirits' df = brennenv (x1Ag (x2: +liquid/distillate)Go/Eff NomE AkkE Passive construction preferred Im Labor wird Kerosin destilliert 'Kerosene is distilled in laboratories' erzeugenv: aus dem Nichts produzieren 'to produce out of nothing' df = produzierenv (x1 +concrete)Ag (x2: energy, lifestock breeding products)Go/Eff NomE AkkE Reibung erzeugt Wärme 'Friction generates heat' gewinnenv: Durch einen besonderen Arbeitsprozeß Rohstoffe produzieren 'to produce raw materials by means of a special process' df = produzierenv (x1) (x2: raw material)Go/Eff NomE AkkE NomE = man; impersonal subject Aus Erz gewinnt man Eisen 'One extracts iron out of ore' Frequent passive construction Das meiste Gold wird in Südafrika gewonnen 'Most gold is obtained in South Africa' fabrizierenv: Mit einfachen Mitteln produzieren 'to produce by simple means' GERMAN VERBS IN THE FUNCTIONAL-LEXEMATIC MODEL 43 df = produzierenv (y1 amateurish)Manner NomE AkkE Die Kinder haben ihr Spielzeug selbst fabriziert 'The children have knocked their toys together' 4.

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