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By Ljiljana Progovac, Kate Paesani, Eugenia Casielles, Ellen Barton

This quantity brings the knowledge that many in formal linguistics have disregarded as peripheral immediately into the center of syntactic thought. via bringing jointly specialists from syntax, semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, language acquisition, aphasia, and pidgin and creole studies, the quantity makes a multidisciplinary case for the life of nonsententials, that are analyzed in quite a few chapters as root words and small clauses (Me; Me First!; Him worry?!; Class in session), and whose distinguishing estate is the absence of stressful, and, with it, any syntactic phenomena that depend upon stressful, together with structural Nominative Case. Arguably, the inability of annoying specification is usually liable for the lack of indicative interpretations between nonsententials, in addition to for his or her heavy reliance on pragmatic context. So pervasive is nonsentential speech throughout all teams, together with basic grownup speech, case could be made that continuity of grammar lies in nonsentential, instead of sentential speech.

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Bare NPs and VPs, then, are explained straightforwardly in a nonsentential analysis. 3 In summary, a nonsentential analysis was argued to account for the grammatical properties of independent phrases and small clauses straightforwardly by utilizing the Xmax Generalization in combination with theoretical developments in generative grammar. . Mixed analyses Morgan (1973) and Barton (1990, 1991) both proposed that all structures underlying utterances smaller than a sentence were derived exclusively through ellipsis or base generation respectively.

In each of these cases, the time is not specified by Tense, but rather by a discourse time frame. 3). , Battery dead; Class in session). , Labov 1969; Rickford, Ball, Blake, Jackson, & Martin 1991), one can omit the copular verb when present time is to be expressed, but not otherwise (see also Edwards, Chap. 12, this volume, for AAVE and Guyanese Creole). 12 (738-799) Ljiljana Progovac (51) Ivan veren. / Ivan byl veren. ’ Similarly, Hebrew can optionally omit the copula in the examples pertaining to the present time, but not otherwise (see Rothstein 1995).

In other words, I consider the TP layer as a cutoff point between what we perceive as a nonsentential and what we perceive as a full clause/sentence, at least in English and other languages with grammaticalized Tense (in this respect, I do not consider infinitive to clauses as complete TP projections; see also n. 9). Each of the following isolated noun phrases (NPs) surfaces in an unusual form: (1) and (2) surface without articles, which would typically be obligatory if these phrases were integrated in full sentences; the pronouns in (3) surface with the accusative case, even though they correspond to the subjects of the predicate ate the pie.

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