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13 for YHWH of 15 the burnt-[offering]... like the cereal-ofjfering of the] morning... 16 You shall not... )] days you shall offer two... 5 Column 14 1 . . 2 [and as a cereal-ofjfering fine flour, mix[ed] ... 3 [hal]f of a hin ... 4 . . with a third [of a hin] ... 5 . . tenth as a cereal[offering] ... 6 ... ) lamb ... )] ... ) the months of the year... ) of the [first] month ... 10 of the year. [You shall abstain] from carrying out any w[ork] ... n separately it shall be brought to at[one for] ...

Cubits and from the gate 4 of Issachar... three hundred and [sixty] cubits 5 and from the gate of Zeb[ulun to the gate of Gad] three hundred [and sixjty 6 cubits and from the gfate of Gad to the (outer) corner... three hundred 7 and sixty cubits.... 12 And the gateways shall project from the wall of the court seven cubits to the outside B and on the inside they shall project thirty-six cubits from the wall of the court. 14 And the width of the gate openings shall be fourteen cubits and their height 15 is twenty-eight cubits to the lintel.

And all its vessels they shall make from pu[re] ... gold 9 . . cover which is over it pure gold ... 10 ... [frjagrant incense and the tab[le] ... n ... the bowl shall never move from the sanctuary ... 12 ... and its sprinkling bowls shall be of pure gold and [its] fire holder[s] ... 1 3 ... [to] bring fire inside with them. And the candelabrum and... 14 ... and the entire altar for burnt-offe[rings... 1 5 ... ) wh[ich] is over... 16 ... bronze... to see ... 17 ... 18... Column 4 1 . . 2 ...

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