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By Glenn Thomas Stephens

This advisor takes the Kylix developer throughout the middle aspects of Linux improvement from complicated dossier processing to Linux threading concerns, together with complex Linux verbal exchange tools relative to the appliance programming interface.

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Instead, when using a file descriptor, you can specify the security options in the call to the open function. In a similar fashion, when creating directories with Kylix, you would normally use the MkDir function found in the System unit. This function will only create a directory with default permissions for the new directory. Using the __mkdir function found in the LibC unit, however, will allow you to specify the permissions for that directory when it is created. Likewise, the creat function will allow you to specify the permissions of a file when the file is created.

It is this pointer that is the stream. 2 Simple operations on files and streams Reading and Writing Files Like opening and closing files, methods of reading and writing files depends on whether you are using file descriptors or streams. The Linux API functions allow reading and writing of single characters, strings, and blocks of data from file. What is more evident is that there are many more functions for reading and writing using streams than there are for using file descriptors. This is due to the fact that file descriptors were meant to be the low-level interface to files, whereas streams were designed to be an abstract way of dealing with files so you are not complicated with working with the limited functionality of file descriptors.

Whenever a file is opened using reset or write from within your application, the Kylix CLX is actually opening a file descriptor in a record structure called TFileRec. TFileRec is used internally with Kylix and is never really used outside. In Kylix the Handle field of the TFileRec record comes from a call to the open function. As a result, obtaining the file descriptor is a matter of getting the Handle field. Normal typecasting will not allow you to convert them directly. 11. Handle; //Read a character using the Linux API.

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