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If no links are left, the file has become inaccessible and has ceased to exist so far as any user is concerned. The physical storage space occupied by the file is therefore cleared and released for other use. It is possible for an ordinary file to be listed in two or more different directories, just as a single physical telephone may be listed in several telephone books. Any number of listings is permitted, all with different names if desired. A new directory entry may be created for an existing file by the l n (link) command, which has the form S l n oldname newname The names oldname and newname are given in the usual form of file names -either as full pathnames or as partial pathnames from the working directory downward.

On the other hand, it can sometimes also create confusion if several users wish to write into the file at the same time. File Names and Paths Any file may be accessed by giving the path to it through the directory tree. When a user logs in, his directory is normally opened for his use. Any file names he may use then refer to files within his directory, including any subdirectories in it. Suppose that j ones is the user directory assigned to the user currently logged in. He can refer to the subdirectory file joe by name, and Unix will interpret the reference as meaning that particular joe which appears as a subdirectory under j ones.

Appropriate commands for this purpose are provided; they are described in this section. , attached to the Unix system). The physical act of mounting, for example by placing a disk cartridge in a disk drive and turning on the power, is necessary but not sufficient. In addition to making the new volume physically available, the system must be told of its existence and its place in the file hierarchy by means of an appropriate command. To be compatible with directory management rules, every physical file volume must contain a directory structure of its own.

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