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By Gordon Williamson, Stephen Andrew

The army department of the Nazi SS defense organization grew by means of the tip of global conflict II from a handful of poorly looked infantry battalions in 1939, right into a strength of greater than 30 divisions together with devices of each kind. Their battlefield recognition assorted generally, from the optimum armoured divisions which shaped Germany's completely trustworthy spearheads on either major fronts, to low caliber 'anti-partisan' devices. The divisions lined during this moment of 4 titles comprise the 1st mountain and cavalry devices, and of the awesome new Panzer divisions raised within the nice 1943 enlargement. Illustrated with infrequent photos from deepest collections, the textual content information their business enterprise, uniforms and insignia, and summarises their conflict list.

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B3: SS-Oberscharführer, SS-Freiwilligen Gebirgsjäger Regiment 13 Artur Phleps, 1945 A senior NCO wearing regulation M1943 service dress, with the M1943 'universal field cap' that eventually replaced the Bergmütze even in mountain units - note the Edelweiss badge. We illustrate, speculatively, the 'Artur Phleps' cufftitle awarded to this regiment in November 1944 after the former divisional commander's death. This cuffband was certainly manufactured, but no wartime photographs of it in use have yet surfaced.

G2: SS-Standartenoberjunker, SS-Junkerschule Tölz, c1942 Although his appearance is more impressive than that of the instructor, this veteran senior NCO is in fact an officer candidate undergoing instruction. His uniform and insignia show a mixture of officer and NCO features. He wears an officer quality M1936 style tunic with dark green collar, his particular status being displayed by the silver twist cord officer edging to his SS-Hauptscharführer collar patches; the officer's peaked cap with aluminium braid chin cords; and the officer's belt.

SS-PANZER DIVISION FRUNDSBERG Designations February 1943 April 1943 November 1943 ABOVE This SS-Sturmmann or lance-corporal of armoured troops wears a field-grey Army issue M1943 cap with one-piece Army insignia: and the upper badge from a pre-war SS 'Schutzmütze' Panzer beret as a sleeve eagle on his black vehicle uniform. The 'Frundsberg' cufftitle is just visible. (Josef Charita) 10. SS-Division SS-Panzergrenadier Division Karl der Grosse 10. SS-Panzer Division Frundsberg Commanders Jan-? 1943 SS-Standartenführer Lucian Lippert: May-Nov 1943 SS-Brigadeführer Lothar Debes: Nov 1943-Apr 1944 SS-Gruppenführer Karl Fischer von Treuenfeld: May 1944-Apr 1945 SS-Brigadeführer Heinz Harmel; May 1945 SS-Obersturmbannführer Franz Roestel Principal elements SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 21: SS-Panzergrenadier Regiment 22: SS-Panzer Regiment 10 Langemark; SS-Panzerjäger Abteilung 10: SS-Sturmgeschütz Abteilung 10: SS-Panzer Artillerie Regiment 10: SS-Flak Abteilung 10; SS-Panzer Aufklärungs Abteilung 10; SS-Panzer Pionier Bataillon 10 Campaigns The order authorising the creation of this division was signed in December 1942, and the new formation was raised from February 1943, formed from drafts of 18-year-old Reichsdeutsche conscripts around a core of experienced leaders.

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