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By David Winston

The Anchor Bible bargains new, book-by-book translations of the previous and New Testarnents and Apocrypha, with commentary.  This quantity at the knowledge of Solomon as been ready through David Winston, Professor of Hellenistic and Judaic experiences and Director of the heart for Judaic stories on the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.The knowledge of Solomon is a protracted and subtly poetic paintings positioned within the mouth of "wise" King Solomon.  It blends biblical suggestion and center Platonism.  David Winston completely analyzes the ebook, proposing the philosophical scenario essentially and placing forth proof to signify that the paintings was once written later than is usually meant, in the course of the reign of Caligula (A.D. 37-41), and by way of a unmarried author.Because of its exclusion from the canon of scripture utilized by Jews and Protestant Christians, The knowledge of Solomon has been ignored by means of biblical students in general.  Dr. Winston's remark is the 1st to entirely hide either prior learn and up to date advancements similar to the Qumran scrolls, papyrus discoveries in Egypt, and new wisdom of historical Iranian religion.  It is an incredible contribution to the research of the apocryphal literature of the Bible.

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Haploteti (1:1); apanastesetai . . elengchthesetai (1:5); apobesetai . . diachythesetai . . epilesthesetai ( 2 : 3 - 4 ) ; egapethe . . metetethe (4:10). stenochdrian . . stenaksontai (5:3); atrapon . . tropios (5:10); potamoi . . apotomos (5:22); prodosia . . prosdokia (17:12-13); adranestaton . . eudraneia (13:19); parodeuso . . synodeuso (6:22-23); arga . . erga (14:5). F o u n d seventeen times (1:2; 19:22; 1:11; 3:11; 11:7; 12:9,10,13). Many exam­ ples involve the use of alpha-privative formation; the same feature of style is charac­ teristic of Diodoros of Sicily (Palm: 154; Reese 1970:30).

On his full-length robe there was a repre­ sentation of the entire cosmos, and the glories of the fathers upon his four rows of carved stones (18:5-25). In the seventh and last antithesis, the Egyptians, while still engaged in INTRODUCTION 9 their mourning, are depicted as adopting one last mad scheme, to pursue the fugitives whom they had beseeched to leave. For a condign fate drew them on to this denouement, so that they might fill in the one penalty still lacking to their torments, and bring upon themselves a bizarre death.

Second Antithesis: Egyptians hunger through animal plague, but Israel enjoys exotic quail food (16:1-4) (ebasanisthesan/ebasanizonto forming an inclusio) XXXIIL Third Antithesis: Egyptians slain by locusts and flies, but Israel survives a serpent attack through the bronze ser­ pent, symbol of salvation (16:5-14) (particle gar used seven times) (epelthen/ekselthon forming an inclusio) XXXIV. Fourth Antithesis: Egyptians plagued by thunderstorms, but Israel fed by rain of manna (16:15-29) XXXV. Fifth Antithesis: Egyptians terrified by darkness, but Israel iUuminated with bright light and guided through desert by THE WISDOM 12 XXXVI.

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