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By Irmgard Schloegl

This can be a vintage publication containing dialogues among Zen grasp Rinzai and his disciples.

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51. Three Vehicles: Sravaka or follower of the teachings; Pratyeka who seeks liberation for himself; and Bodhisattva who seeks liberation for all' This is a theoretical and doctrinal classification. Five Natures: Buddha, Bodhisattva, Pratyeka, Sravaka, and no seed-roots. " ------------------------------------------------------------------------ But this does not apply to the complete and sudden teachings. The young Sudhana did not seek anything.

If you turn to the outside, there is no Dharma; neither is there anything to be obtained from the inside. Rather than attaching yourselves to my words, better to calm down and seek nothing further. Do not cling to what has come to be (the past), nor hanker after what has not yet come to be (the future). This is better than a ten year's pilgrimage. b. As I see it, there is nothing complicated. Just be your ordinary selves in an ordinary life, wear your robes and eat your food, and having nothing further to seek, peacefully pass your time.

So they cling to names and phrases and try to find the meaning of these names. For fifty years and more they run about carrying their corpses, their staffs and bundles. The day will surely come when the price of their worn out straw sandals will be exacted from them. 27. Followers of the Way, when I say that there is no Dharma outside, the students do not understand and deduce it is necessary to search within themselves. Then they sit, leaning against a wall, tongue pressed to the upper palate, and remain so motionless.

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