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By Paul M. Sweezy

For the reason that its first book in 1942, this ebook has turn into the vintage analytical examine of Marxist economics. Written by means of an economist who's a grasp of contemporary educational concept in addition to Marxist literature, it's been well-known because the excellent textbook in its topic. complete, lucid, authoritative, it has now not been challenged or maybe approached through any later examine.

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Ll. I am indebted to Mr. Paul Baran for calling my attention to this passage. 1\IONOPOLY PRICE 55 regulator of the quantitative relations of production and exchange. ' 18 In other words, the monopolist's control over supply enables him to take advantage of demand conditions. In this case, therefore, demand acquires a special significance, and both price and quantity produced (hence also the allocation of labor) are different from what they would be in a regime of competition. Moreover, and this is the most serious aspect of monopoly from an analytical point of view, the discrepancies between monopoly price and value are not subject to any general rules, as is the case with the discrepancies between production price and value.

6 1us. = 100 per cent Under capitalism the product of labor assumes the value form. If we assume that in one hour the worker produces a value of 1H, the ratt of surplus value will be given by $6 $ 6 = 100 per cent which is, of course, numericallv identical with the rate of expJe>itation. The two concepts, "rate of exploitation and rate of surplus value, can often be used interchangeably. but it is important to remember that the former is the more general concept applicable to all exploitative societies while the latter applies only to capitalism.

In other words it is supposed that no producers operate with an exceptionally high or exceptionally low level of technique. To the extent that this condition is not satisfied, some producers will have a higher (or lower) rate of surplus value than the social average, and these divergences will not be eliminated by the transferability and mobility of labor as between occupations and firms. It is important to understand that the assumption of equal rates of surplus value is based, in the final analysis, upon certain very real tendencies of capitalist production.

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