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By Troy Christensen

Thief's Challenge is a distinct complex DUNGEONS & DRAGONS experience designed for a DUNGEON grasp and one participant personality: a thief. it is a excellent holiday from workforce play, adapted to the nature who is looking a few additional event. suited for shrewdpermanent rookies in addition to more matured rogues, Thief's problem shall we a thief take complete benefit of his detailed skills.

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Given his resources, the Bandit will probably succeed. Kon Bardiche As with any of the conspirators involved, Kon will return the evidence to Lyke Knoor and try to kill the PC. Mysh “the Toad” Mysh will offer the PC any number of small magical oddities (less than + 2 in power). The Toad will use the evidence to destroy Mellbourne Greystreet, taking his treasures and books. Mysh will also see to it that Lyke Knoor is captured and hanged as a traitor. Mysh could be a very good friend to an aspiring PC.

The PC may enter the hideout through the cave opening but will have to swim underwater beneath the disguised gate, requiring a Swimming proficiency check. Two groggy thugs stand watch at the doors leading out of the entrance hall. Both are normally drunk and asleep. Bronze keys dangle from their belts. It is very easy to steal the keys ( +30% bonus to Pick Pockets to succeed). However, if the PC tries to kill the guards, he must deliver a killing blow or the men will cry out, waking all within the hideout.

Once inside the hideout, the PC has a 1in 6 chance every turn to encounter a Gullwing thug within the hideout. The PC may roll to Detect Noise for each encounter and may respond accordingly. The shadows of the hideout are heavy and deep and afford anyone hiding in them a +30% chance to succeed. Thug: AC 5; MV 10; 1st-level thief; hp 7; THACO 20; # AT 1;dmg 1-4 + 1, AL Varies but always evil. I. Entrance The entrance is hidden in a large, ageless willow and requires an Open Locks roll at 30% to succeed.

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