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By Lynn Abbey, Gary Astleford, Patrick O'Duffy, Robert J. Schwalb

Considering that 1979, Sanctuary has been the nastiest, ugliest, and grittiest urban in delusion fiction. This summer season, Sanctuary returns to roleplaying for the 1st time in over twenty years and the thrill starts off with the Thieves' international Player's guide. This publication contains a exact review of the town within the vintage and present eras, a tradition and historical past procedure to customise your adventurer, over twenty center and status periods, a different magic procedure, and a new Thieves' international brief tale through Lynn Abbey herself. discover the Maze, benefit from the delights of the road of crimson Lanterns, or participate in the struggle opposed to Dyareela's cultists. The Thieves' international Player's guide is your gateway to experience.

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Even casual observers can find something of interest in one of Spyder’s many display cases, although they may not be able to afford the prices he charges for such excellent and exotic weaponry. Spyder is all too willing to demonstrate the use of unfamiliar weapons, even to folk who are merely curious and unlikely to purchase anything at all. Such demonstrations make it obvious that he is a skilled warrior, a fact that discourages most casual thieves. BEYOND THE CITY WALLS Not all of Sanctuary’s important locations lie inside the city’s walls, and much of what makes the city unique can be found in the outlying territories.

5 in. 4 ft. 5 in. 4 ft. 5 in. +2d8 Base Weight 120 lb. Ilsigi, female Desert Rider 4 ft. 5 in. 4 ft. 10 in. Half-Beysib, female Cruel Height Modifier Aurveshan, male Cirdonian, female Brash Base Height +2d6 +2d10 +2d10 +2d6 +2d10 +2d10 +2d10 +2d6 +2d10 +2d10 +2d10 +2d12 +2d10 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 85 lb. 95 lb. 85 lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb. × (2d4) lb.

He comes and goes from his lonely tower, venturing into the city accompanied by his hideously misshapen (and depraved) lackey. He sometimes frequents the Vulgar Unicorn, though few patrons there are willing to strike up a conversation with him. Hâlott’s tower is a vine-choked square constructed of gray stone. Though nearly four stories tall, the tower does not rise any higher than the nearby - 30 - CHAPTER ONE: A SANCTAN PRIMER trees. This ensures it remains unseen, unless someone specifically leaves the road in search of it.

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