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By Markus Bockmuehl

This concise yet very thought-provoking paintings at the historic Jesus by means of Markus Bockmuehl posits that the old guy of Jesus can't be separated from the Christ of religion. Taking a conventional argument and imprinting it with the best scholarship, Bockmuehl refers to quite a lot of canonical and non-canonical old texts, starting from Roman historians Tacitus and Suetonius to Jewish historian Josephus, and during Christian resources in addition to the Gospels. His end means that Jesus used to be certainly the Messiah, yet now not the Messiah anticipated through his contemporaries.

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This complex picture o f Jewish Messianic belief continued in post-biblical Judaism, with different religious groups and literary sources presenting a variety o f views about the future salvation. The believing community o f Israel experi­ enced a great deal o f religious and social alienation and oppression at the hands o f one foreign power after another. Partly because o f that, almost all Jewish writers w ere agreed on the hope o f a restoration o f Israel. B ut there were very different pictures o f w hat that might mean and how it m ight come about.

The gradual revival o f Israelite religion and culture on the basis o f the Torah and a rebuilt Temple brought about an increasing re-affirmation 46 This Jesus o f hope in the prom ise o f a redeemer king in the line o f David. In the light o f this, post-exilic Judaism witnessed a powerful development o f eschatology, specifically o f the hope in a future national and spiritual restoration. 15 raised the hopes o f a great "prophet like M oses". (Since the time o f M alachi, this prophet may also have been under­ stood a s someone coming in the spirit o f Elijah: see M ai.

In Matthew, on the other hand, they appear to live in a Where Did Jesus Come From? 28 This Jesus house in Bethlehem already. A fter the birth they seem to stay on for perhaps as m uch as tw o years (see M att. 13-15). 19-23). Is it possible to make sense o f this seemingly con­ tradictory information? There is obviously considerable debate among scholars. 6 Given the extant historical information, many scholars would agree that the census is a virtually intractable problem. It may be, however, that Luke did get his facts approximately right in pointing to a census in the concluding years o f Herod's reign.

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