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Instead, Stevenson proposes that ethical disagreement arises when two people have incompossible 5 attitudes toward the same object and one of them, at least, wishes to change the other's attitude. Wellman is suspicious of the latter condition, accusing Stevenson of using it to gloss over the fact that some people have ethical differences without disagreement. According to Stevenson, when two people have incompossible attitudes but neither wishes to change the other's attitude, there is no disagreement, or dispute.

Wellman's argument relies on an inadequate analogy and a complete misunderstanding of how Stevenson characterizes moral claims. Ethical disagreements involve more than do disagreements over kippers. Whereas in a disagreement over kippers, both parties can be satisfied because their attitudes need not involve a practical conflict (unless perhaps the wife disapproves of the husband's love of kippers), moral disagreements necessarily involve a practical conflict. The attitudes of two parties to a moral dispute are necessarily incompossible.

12. ', The Cambridge Companion to Bertrand Russell, ed. Nicholas Griffin (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003), 499; henceforth 'Pigden, BR'. 13. , 1975), 132. 14. , 147. 15. , 157. 16. Nicholas Griffin, The Selected Letters of Bertrand Russell: The Private Years, 1884-1914 (London: Routledge, 2002), 392. 17. , 392. 18. , 398. 19. , 400. 20. , 399. In this passage, 'all statements' should be corrected to read: 'all statements in which a description which lacked a denotation had a primary occurrence'.

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